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Dear Church Family,

The Great Feast of Pentecost is our God sending His love to us through the Holy Spirit. Somehow I am trying to imagine the Father loving the Son and the Son loving the Father and love is so powerful and special in challenging. Because of this love somehow I want to realize that this love is given to me by the Holy Spirit. That is what we ask the Holy Spirit to say to us, “Holy Spirit fill me with the love of the Father and the Son.” That is a little confusing and it is hard to grasp it’s awesomeness but this week just pray that you can feel the Holy Spirit giving you the love of the Father for the Son and the Son for the Father. I guess we look for examples of that in life and probably one of the best examples of love that’s expressed is when you, yourself are remembering a total love for another person or you remembering yourself being in love. It is good for me to enjoy young couples just totally feeling oneness and love with the other person. That is a good example for me to say, “This is the type of love that the Father and Son want to give me and the Holy Spirit wants to usher that type of love into our hearts.”

Church, we have prayed for the awesome love of God to be in our heart. Once you become aware of that then you are all the more ready to live your daily life and be able to reach out to others. Somehow you might find a new joy in your heart. It might be a deep sense of peace or a greater appreciation of Jesus loving you and being your brother and coming to you, just as He loved the people that He related to in His daily life. So, He loves each one of us. Alleluia!

Enjoy this great feast we call your birthday, Pentecost. Birthdays are special because you feel people recognizing you and as a result, loving you. So, enjoy this feast of the Holy Spirit sending the love of the Father for the Son and love of the Son for the Father. Then you are ready to have a deeper insight into your journey with the Lord. Alleluia!

Well, call my cell phone 805-3693 and you will get a message that simply says, “The most important that I see in my daily life is the desire for total union with the Lord.” I keep praying for that. I rest in it and I want to express it to others. So, I said in my message, “The only thing that is important in life is having that deep loving relationship with the Lord and then you are on your way.” If you want to call my number you can say, “Amen.” That’s what’s most important is just letting the Lord love you totally and you falling in love with the Lord. With the same powerful type of love that mystically the Father has for the Son and the Son has for the Father. Alleluia!


Love, Fr. Bob


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