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Peace, be still!

Pastor’s Pen
St. Augustine Catholic Church
Sunday, June 20, 2021
Twelfth Sunday of Ordinary Times

Dear Church Family,

The sacred word of God today has to do with the magnificence of the sea from Joel talking about the vastness and the magnificence of all the miracles that go with seeing the sea as being claimed as a wonderful blessing. Then we see Jesus in the boat, very tired. A big storm came up suddenly as is bound to happen and the disciples were almost in danger of drowning. They called out to Jesus as he was sleeping in the boat. With their urgent and grand desire to be saved, they pleaded with Jesus to calm the sea. He seems he did it so nonchalantly, simply saying, “Peace, be still!”

I like the image of Jesus being in my boat and he is in your boat too. He is with us always especially when things are stormy or troubles are brewing, there’s no sweat because I have the confidence of saying that Jesus is in my boat! It is lovely. It is great to have Jesus in your boat where you can go through so many struggles and problems and know that you have Jesus in your boat. Church Family, claim it and go on living that way.

Then we can say with St. Paul that the Love of Christ impels us once we have come to the conviction that One died for all, therefore all have died. Because we want to identify totally with the Lord and come to the Lord in prayer and good deeds and know that He’s with us and can then know that we have total confidence that even when things get rough and we are at the foot of the Cross we know that Jesus will see us through. What a wonderful confidence we can have and we can, therefore, say as with St. Paul, “So whoever is in Christ, is a new creation. Alleluia! The old things have passed away and behold new things have come.” So the new thing that I would like to propose to you is that you make a nice cushion and let Christ rest in your boat even if He is asleep, He will be there for whatever you need to help you through it.

Love, Father Bob


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