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Dear Church Family,

We come again to the end of the church year. We celebrate our Lord as a mighty, mighty God, an awesome God and a loving God, in the form of Jesus, who by His crown of thorns, symbolizing His suffering, death and giving His life totally for all the evil in the world to now His glorious resurrection as King and Victor. Alleluia! Rest assured we want to celebrate all week long Jesus as Victory, total Victory. Jesus as King, as awesome, loving, mighty God. Alleluia! You know through the years we have a procession at the beginning of Mass where we carry up the two crowns. We do this every year except when we forget where we put the crowns from the previous year. We store things away and they get lost sometimes. Hopefully we will do it today. It is a beautiful symbol that we put two tables up, one a little higher than the other. We used to have gold stands until they were stolen years ago. We would always put the crown of human accomplishments as King of this world, Jesus, the crown of glory higher than the crown of thorns because by His blood we are healed. Alleluia! So, we know our awesome, mighty, loving God is there for us. We celebrate our union with Him and our continued growth in union with Him as we just give honor and praise constantly in daily life and in our prayers. All of this leads us to be more loving, more considerate, more caring, more sensitive, more everything that’s good in our relationships where we show love. Keep that atmosphere going all week long when you think of Christ the King.

Now you know, I was baptized almost 77 years ago on November 30th at Christ the King Church. It was the beginning of my life with the Lord. As with your baptism, it is a sacred day to remember. If you have a memory of it, do keep claiming it as your total walk with the Lord. Christ the King was also a good school where I was nurtured and made my first confession and first communion. Recently I had a wedding at Christ the King and it just felt so good to come back after almost 77 years and offer Mass. It is good to remember sacred events. I challenge you to find your baptismal date and while you are doing that also find your confirmation and first communion dates also. In that way you are constantly thinking about how you have been nurtured. When you are in this type of attitude you are a kingly/queenly person. You know that your God is Lord, Savior, awesome, mighty, loving King of your life, Jesus Christ. Alleluia!

Love, Fr. Bob

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