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Sunday, November 1, 2020
The Solemnity of All Saints

Deacon’s Corner


Today is the solemnity of All Saints. It is the day on which we celebrate the lives of those who lived lives of exceptional holiness. In living lives of holiness, we are following the example set by the Holy Family and followers and lovers of Jesus. Many believe that it is very difficult to achieve sainthood or holiness. Yet, the ranks of saints are filled with ordinary people who chose to live extraordinary lives. The path to holiness begins by loving God and following the Commandments. God does not want us to make this journey alone. As we live our lives, we are offered options of grace along the way. We accept that grace by making decisions that bring us closer to Jesus and Mary. We, at St. Augustine, are surrounded by saints who choose to go the extra mile. People become saints when they push themselves to do the will of God.  In loving the difficult, we do God’s will. When we separate ourselves from the choices of the world that seem so popular, we do the will of God. We also do the will of God when we put mind over matter on days when we would rather sleep than go to church. In choosing these options we bring ourselves closer to God.


In making these choices and praying, we summon the help of God’s holy saints and Jesus and Mary themselves. We are not expected to nor is it possible to achieve sainthood on our own.  Knowing our church family, I see many people making those difficult choices. God has given us the major commandments to use in living our lives. First, “Love God with your heart, mind, and soul”.  Second, “Love your neighbor as yourself”. Goodness and holiness follow when we live out those commandments.


As I have spoken of on numerous occasions, we are entering into exceedingly difficult times in our lives. We have been exposed to the problems of living lives with Covid-19 all around. We are in the every-4-year season of electioneering. We are called to make difficult choices. We must make those choices in prayer. The people who live on the southern coast of our country have been suffering from great storms and hurricanes. Those living on the west coast from great fires. Numerous cities in our country have been subjected to protests that have turned into riots with much devastation. People of color live in fear at times because of the actions of those enforcing the law. It is in these times that we are called to be strong in living, loving, and binding ourselves as followers of Christ though prayer, fasting, loving, and forgiving. We are called to live the life of Christ, His mother, and the Saints.  All of this puts us on the road to sainthood.


Deacon Ed

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