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My Lord, and my God

Pastor’s Pen
Sunday, April 24, 2022
Sunday of Divine Mercy
St. Augustine’s Catholic Church


Dear Family that has shared the life and death of Jesus in their whole being,

Victory is ours and especially the victory of the Lord rising and giving us His total forgiveness. Ever since Pope John Paul II was living, he has decreed that the second Sunday of Easter is Divine Mercy Sunday. A beautiful example of His mercy for us is the way that He treated Thomas and many others probably doubted as much or more than Thomas, but he is the one who has been dubbed “Doubting Thomas” by the church. But the most spectacular message is when Thomas humbly says and believes and flowing from his mouth comes those most humble and expressive words, “My Lord, and my God.”

So, church, we celebrate Christ’s risen life today in the first reading,  and see that this redemptive love did not end with Him alone, but was transferred to the church through the apostles who gained such power that even the mere falling of their shadow on the sick was enough to heal those afflicted. So, church, bathe yourself in the wonderful feeling of always being forgiven. “Give thanks to the Lord for He is good, His Love and Mercy Lasts Forever!” Alleluia!

Love, Father Bob


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