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May 17, 2015

We celebrate today and the theme word is “GO”.  The Lord sends us forth with His message of love and victory into our daily world.  I have told you often through the last twenty- three years here at St. Augustine that my favorite window is the big Ascension window on the east.  It is like the angels appearing as Jesus ascends to Heaven.  They asked the apostles, “Why are you just standing idly looking up into the sky?”  Jesus replies,” GO, get busy about the wonderful marching orders that you have been given.  Spread the Good News in your little corner of the earth.”

Last Tuesday I celebrated the homegoing of Barbara Hancock from St. Elizabeth Mother of John the Baptist Church.  She was a significant woman of God.  Barbara was very passionate about her Catholic faith.  She was very committed to daily mass and communion.  She was willing to work in any capacity through the many years that she spent at St. Elizabeth.  Needless to say, everybody in the church knew the compassionate love that Barbara had for her church and especially for the great gift of Holy Communion.  She reminds me of someone who is very enthusiastic about her Catholic faith.  It is good for us to be that way.  Usually when we have a homegoing of someone who has that passion it is really obvious and contagious.  We know and can be aware of people who are really alive in the faith.  It is contagious and bubbles over into their daily living.

Next Sunday we celebrate the feast of Pentecost and we ask for God’s spirit to be all the more alive in our hearts that we may live our Catholic faith to the fullest.  We will be bold in making our church and the world a better place to live by our spirituality and our love of others.  So Church, celebrate today the feast of the Ascension and hear proclamation to you, “GO”!


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