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Make your hearts firm because the coming of the Lord is at hand.” Alleluia!!

Pastor’s Pen
St. Augustine Catholic Church
Sunday, December 11, 2022
Third Sunday of Advent


Dear Church Family,

You are wonderful Advent people who have a lot of hope. Here we are starting masses for the time being in our own cafeteria. Hopefully, you can adjust to this situation and find a nice comfortable chair. Of course, I will be closer to you and I can see your eyes should you fall asleep during my homily.

Our message today is Rejoice. It is Gaudete Sunday which means Rejoice! Advent is half over and we are praising the Lord and making spiritual preparation for the coming of the Lord. We will celebrate the Sacrament of Reconciliation after mass and you are invited to come over to the rectory where you can speak privately with the priest. We are so glad to have Friar Ed with us again. If you miss this opportunity this Sunday, we will arrange some time next Sunday to accommodate you for confession. It is always a good time to prepare ourselves with the Lord coming to us at Christmas. Isiah proclaims that you should rejoice for God himself will come to save us. St. James in the second reading proclaims, “Make your hearts firm because the coming of the Lord is at hand.” Alleluia!!

Then Jesus gives us a message that is somewhat contrary to John the Baptist’s message because John is proclaiming that the Lord is coming and we should try to get ourselves ready. It is a little frightening as John has his doubts as to whether Jesus is the One or is there another to come? So, we see Jesus as a gentle rabbi, teacher, and proclaimer of the Good News! Alleluia! Amen!


Father Bob

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