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Love is the fulfillment of the Law

Pastor’s Pen

Sunday, September 6, 2020


Dear Church,

It is all about “love” and that’s what we should do all of our lives, is to love one another.  We have good directions proclaimed in all of our readings, especially in the second reading from Paul’s Letter to the Romans.  He says, “owe nothing to anyone except to love one another and that will fulfill the law.”  So breaking it all down, it’s all about Love.  Even in the first reading, we hear Ezekiel saying that ‘we are watchmen over one another.  We want to make sure that everybody is encouraged to live right.  Even Ezekiel makes a very strong admonition.  At least put it all out there about being and doing right.  Then we hear the gospel where Jesus gives some directions about getting along with another person.  You can talk it out, which is the best way.  But if that doesn’t work sometime, then you need a few brothers and/or sisters to go with you and talk it out seriously.  Maybe you can forget about everything because it’s just not that serious.  Then if they reuse to listen and live right in community, well then, you bring it to the whole church.  So it is good advice that the Lord gives and many other attitudes are present in our lives that we just continually and repeatedly emphasize that it’s all about LOVE!!  We thank you Lord for this day for giving us some direction that way.  So examine how you are getting along with everybody.  We know that the ultimate is about ‘Loving your neighbor as yourself.”  Love is the fulfillment of the Law.  Alleluia!!


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