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Lord, let me come to you

Dear Church family,

If there is anyone besides our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, of a person in the bible that we really get an understanding of a human personality that person is St. Peter.  It seems that we know more about Peter than any of the other people in the scriptures because of his mistakes that he makes and maybe his Big mouth getting him in trouble.

So, today we see Peter being so overwhelmed by Jesus’ walking on the water that he feels with the help of Jesus he can do it also.  He starts off good, but then as the scriptures say, he became afraid because of the ferociousness of the situation and he begins to sink after saying, “Lord, let me come to you.”  He has faith but then he wavers.  He doubts.  He slips.  It is a good feeling for us to recognize that we might have the best of intentions but then we fall short.  It is Okay because the Lord will pick us up.  But we admire Peter for at least trying to do something miraculous because he just felt that we should do things in union with the Lord.  So, Church, enjoy the humanness of Peter.  Enjoy this story of the Lord coming to us on the water.  Enjoy the Lord showing us how to have faith and inviting us to deeper faith.  If it doesn’t work out, He’s there to catch us.  So, Lord, I pray with our church family in a crisis time in our country’s existence with this pandemic that has killed so many.  We have big problems but we can be like Peter and just allow the Lord to help us when we are bold and falter.  We are assured that Jesus will come and pick us up.  What a wonderful God we have in all of this.  Alleluia!!

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