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It is so good to have family life

Pastor’s Pen

Dear Church family,

I like to call you my family because I share intimacies about my relationship with you and it is good that we support one another.  It’s all about building family life in this Word of God, the Feast of the Holy Family.  We ask the Holy Family to intercede for us to be the best possible members of a family. We certainly notice that at Christmas time we really try to get together everybody.  I,  a lot of times, start off my sharing of Christmas baskets by asking the church, the group of people and/or the guests that are there to get food baskets to pray with me.  Then I have them repeat the word about blessings every member of the family, even the “funny bunnies”.  We Take them in as much as possible and try to build family life, even for those that are estranged, prayers go out so much for them.  So, let this happen all the more.

In St. Paul’s letter to the Galatians where he tells us to just put on all these virtues:  humility and gentleness and kindness and love and forgiveness and piety and thanksgiving.  All of these are so especially needed in our society today.  So, we pray for all of that.  Then we think of our extended family, our church and community families, and other extended families that we are connected with through hobbies and some for social life, and just other friends that are just good to be around.  Do that all the more, church.  Keep plugging along in every way with the values of family life, we can’t stress enough how important family life is, belonging to a family.  Even if the family is thinned by the passing of certain members, we still try to have family, so keep it going, no matter what.  I’m so glad I was able to reflect on that with you because it is so good to have family life!


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