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Instruct you in His ways that you may walk in His path

Pastor’s Pen

First Sunday of Advent

Dear Sojourners on the Journey,

I would like to do something new or different during Advent time.  Certainly, the Advent time for me is a time to read the Scriptures of the Day and reflect on them a little bit more just to try to do what the readings tell me to do.

In the first reading today, Isaiah says to “climb the mountain of the Lord.”  Come approaching the highest mountain, you stream towards it and you come with a new spirit so the Lord can “instruct you in His ways that you may walk in His paths.”  That sounds good!  Just as Paul in the second reading tells us to “put on the Lord Jesus Christ….”  So, this is a time when I hope I remain still or I wait and know that the Lord is near—not just in a memory of a baby being born in a manager, but that the Lord is being born anew in me.

So, I reflect a little bit more during the Advent time and I read a little bit more to create this spirit of waiting just like our Blessed Mother did or any pregnant woman waiting for the birth of her child and her husband with her, too.  What excitement that can be!  I just want to enter into the feelings of  the young couple or  maybe just the mother if the father isn’t with her, to reflect and say what will this child grow up to be?

So, Slow down.  Take a little bit of time out because we are so busy at this time, but if you read the Scriptures of the Day or if you come around for our sacred worship on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, I’ll be glad to talk with you as my fellow travelers along the way.  We will create a spirit of freeing of mind and soul and confession and anointing.  It will be a part of our living and loving.  God be with you along this Advent journey.

Love,  Father Bob


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