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In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit

Pastor’s Pen
St. Augustine Catholic Church
Sunday, May 30, 2021
The Most Holy Trinity Sunday


Dear Church Family,

A simple but most profound prayer is, “In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit”.  Just that simple prayer, reminds us of the great intimacy we have with our God as ‘Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.’  It is all about one true God, a Trinity of Divine Persons.  So in the Gospel today, commanding all the disciples to baptize “in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit”, shows us that there is more to baptism than just some vague ideas.  One thing we think of when we are baptized is that we are committing ourselves to Jesus.  We are making an altar call in a timely retreat when you dedicate yourself totally to the Lord.

Another idea is that I have all my sins washed away when I am baptized.  I’m starting anew.  It doesn’t matter what age I am.  Like myself at 82, I feel that is a wonderful thing to have washed away every sin.  When we are baptized there is this powerful word called: P L U N G E D.  We are at baptism plunged into the life of the Trinity now.  I want you to keep thinking about that word-Plunged.  Each of us became an adopted child, son or daughter, of the Father, a member of the Body of Christ and a Temple of the Holy Spirit.  So when we pray this prayer, we want to do it with real meaning.  Often when we make the sign of the cross, we look like we are batting flies, so we want to do this with profound respect.   So don’t let it become automatic or rote.

Here are three ideas for the “Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.”  First, remember that the Father who loves you sees you not as a servant to be ordered around, but as a child that He loves.  That is the way our God wants to see us as a child to be loved.  Everything the Father gives to us and “nothing can separate us from the love of Christ” as St. Paul says. “And of the Son”.   Remember the Son, who redeemed us, was sent by the Father in love.  He made the ultimate sacrifice so that you could join His family.  He wants you to understand that you are an essential part of the Body of the Church.

“And of the Holy Spirit.”  Remember the Holy Spirit that gives you life.  The gift of the Father and the Son–He actually dwells within you.  He wants you to experience even now, the mystical power and presence of God within you and that you have remarkable power.  So we say what a powerful and profound prayer this is.


Fr. Bob

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