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Deacon’s Corner


When we are full of ourselves, we are not full of God. God does not reside within a prideful heart, because there is no room for Him.  I am sure we have all met someone who is so confident of their own self, that no one else matters.  This is not to say that we can’t be  confident in our own abilities.  We can.  But we must always be certain that all of our abilities and gifts come  to us from our Creator.

Jesus is the Son of God and God Himself.  Yet the Father decided to send His son to us in the form of a newborn baby who was the child of parents without means.  God could have sent Jesus as the king of a great nation.  He could have surrounded Him with legions of angels to act as an army over all mankind.  Yet He chose to send Him as a fragile newborn, who was born into lowly circumstances.  So, what gave Jesus His Authority? Yes, He was the son of God and thereby exalted.  But Jesus’ Kingship comes from His humility before His Father.  He was a prayerful child and a prayerful man, who did the will of His father.  God, our Father sent Jesus our Redeemer under humble circumstances so that we might follow His lead.

All of today’s readings center on humility.  God does not want us to come to Him full of ourselves, our accomplishments and our money and property, but rather the goodness and love which we acquire from being a loving and humble servant.  Jesus showed us through His life and His words how to relate and to love one another.  We are not to put ourselves above anyone, but rather to serve everyone.

Let us be holy, humble and loving to all, and God will welcome us into His Kingdom.

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