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Humility and Poverty in Spirit

Humility and Poverty in Spirit
Pastor’s Pen
January 29, 2023, Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time
St. Augustine Catholic Church

My Brothers and Sisters,

Being Christ-like is the most important goal we can have in life. However, our society tells us that being beautiful and honored and wealthy should be our goals.  We all have those images and ideals that we admire from television, movies, politics, and life. In our first reading from the book of the Prophet Zephaniah 2:3, it begins

Seek the Lord, all you humble of the earth, who have observed His law; seek justice and humility.”

The word ‘Beatitude’ means Supreme Happiness. When we have Supreme Happiness, we are Blessed.  But it may be impossible to have supreme happiness here on earth. There is a wonderful statue of King Louis IX of France in our cathedral. Louis was a holy and loving man who cared for the poor. He also led crusades to the holy land. On one of those crusades, he died of an injury.  The statue we have depicts him both as King and crusader. What makes the statue special is the look on Louis’ face.  The artist shows his face seeing God for the first time after his death.  This incredible look is called the “Beatific Vision” thus his look is one of Supreme Happiness. 

Following the Beatitudes will lead us to Supreme Happiness.

Deacon Ed

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