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Helping Improve the Lives of Migrant Workers in Our Communities



Helping Improve the Lives of Migrant Workers in Our Communities

Migrant workers play a critical role in the U.S. economy, society, and culture. Yet many of these hard workers who are struggling lack access to a lot of the resources available that could assist them.

While Father Bob’s Outreach and our partners do the best we can to aid our neighbors in need, it will take more than just one organization to make the impact we envision in our communities. If you are looking for ways to help your brothers and sisters who come here from another country, work tirelessly, and contribute so much to our way of life, consider the tips and resources below as a starting point.

Connect Them With Legal Assistance Resources

A lot of migrant workers face complex legal issues with which they need help navigating.

  • Ask around your network to find attorneys who practice immigration law to help with things like avoiding deportation, changing visas, and other matters.
  • Scout online job boards like Upwork to find top freelancers with expertise in immigration law.
  • Look for a qualified translator to help migrant workers navigate their legal concerns.
  • Research legal aid available in your area to help migrant workers collect unpaid wages and/or make settlements.

Help Them Thrive in Daily Life

There are also many ways that you can help benefit the daily lives of migrant workers.

  • Search your resources to help migrant workers find a suitable place to live, which is a common challenge for farmers, in particular.
  • Help migrant workers connect with food banks, thrift stores, and other community organizations that can ensure they have adequate food and clothing.
  • Contribute to programs that help ensure families have utilities through cold winters and hot summers.
  • Introduce migrant workers to local clinics that provide free healthcare for uninsured residents who don’t have a social security number.
  • Think of ways that you can help directly, such as giving a migrant worker a ride to work or offering to babysit (or find a babysitter) for their kids.

Invest in the Children

Our children are the future, so learn about common issues faced by the children of migrant workers in your community so that you can work with teachers to improve their circumstances.

  • Many immigrant children do not get the English as a Second Language (ESL) classes they need at school.
  • Lack of social and emotional learning (SEL) is another issue that must be addressed.
  • Due to the lack of ESL and SEL resources in many school districts, among other factors, children of migrant workers often face academic challenges.

If we really want to make a difference for migrant workers in our communities, it will require each of us to make the effort. Use these resources to learn about how you can help migrant workers obtain legal assistance and improve their everyday living situation. Lastly, consider how you can work with teachers in your community to help the children of migrant workers obtain the classes and services they need at school. And remember that you can always turn to Father Bob’s Outreach for caring support.

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