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Dear Church Family,


I have a little practice that you may have already done or maybe you would like to do as you prepare for the Sacred Word each and every Sunday.  Of course, I could ask you, “Do you ever prepare the Sacred Word by reading it, resting in it, thinking about it and praying over it?”  It is a good thing to do and it would certainly enrich your Sunday worship if you came prepared in knowing the Word that is going to be proclaimed.  Alleluia!  So a spiritual practice I suggest today is to maybe look for a word or phrase that might mean something to you that sticks out.  The word that sticks out to me today is the word “alone”.  It is a word that we don’t want to have in our way of living.  We want to belong, as you do to this church.  More so you want to belong with friends and even more than that, you want to belong to your family.  Build up those relationships the best you can by kindness, concern, helping each other and just living peacefully together and sharing.

God created the beautiful example that He put before us of a man and woman leaving parents and everyone as they join themselves with each other and becoming one flesh.  They totally belong!  That’s the ideal for the Christian family because in that atmosphere of love children can be born and raised with a security of both parents loving them totally as they love each other.  That doesn’t always work but that’s the ideal.  The Lord even proclaims how important that ideal is and if you don’t do that you commit adultery with the next person you are with.  That is a very strong statement.  A very strong ideal that I think is when people are in love and stay in love.  That’s the blessing!  You take that ideal and if it can’t be reached, you continue to grow in deeper relationship with whoever else is around and sometimes you seek a second or even a third relationship.  I think the Lord wants you to be in relationship as He wants the church family that prays together to be in relationship, care and concern for one another.

When Jesus came into the world as the book of Hebrews proclaims, “He is Lord” yet He is one of us and He wants to share His life with us.  He even goes so far as to do what is human and that is “suffering”.  That is something we don’t want to do but it happens as we go through life.  We need to embrace one another and support one another in our sufferings.  Needless to say, when we have a home-going like we had two this past week and also a friend of mine has crossed over.  In these three funerals, just like all the funerals we have, there is a spirit of belonging, a spirit of seeking union with each other in love.  Certainly, that conquers aloneness.  Pray for the grace to build up your relationships whatever they are.  Love each other right where you are and make them grow in every way.  Alleluia!


Love, Fr. Bob


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