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God will forgive no matter what

Dear Church Family,

With sad hearts and sorrowful memories, we again remember the events of 9/11 eighteen years ago.  This is a very sacred day in our memory.  It made us all so aware that there were a great number of people in the world who wanted to kill us and throw the whole world into a disastrous state of chaos, destruction, and pain.  This heinous act truly harmed many good relations we may have had with all the good people of Islam, who have been living peacefully as American citizens.  We continue to pray for balance and mercy on us and them, so that one day we will be able to all live in peace and love.

Today, the Sacred Word is about mercy and forgiveness as we live our lives first with the Lord and then with one another.  The book of Exodus gives us a message that our God is willing to relent and give forgiveness.  The Lord said He was going to, “Send up a blaze of fire and consume them.”  But Moses pleaded with God and the Lord relented in the punishment He had threatened to inflict upon His people.   That’s Our God, loving and forgiving!!!  Alleluia – a God of second chances and more!

It is the same example seen in the story of the prodigal son coming back home.  The father met him with the most tremendous generosity, love, mercy and forgiveness a parent could give a child who had gone astray.  The father was just so glad that his son was back that he completely lost control of any logical feelings.  He only wanted to celebrate his son coming home and that was enough.  Alleluia!  That’s our God!

Even Paul expressed how God was so merciful to him.  He thought he was the least of the people to receive God’s love and mercy because he had persecuted the Christian people.  But God forgave Paul, showed him mercy, and made him an instrument of his peace, love, and evangelization.

Church, remember this strong message today, “God will forgive no matter what.”  Keep that anchored in your mind and heart especially when you think God won’t forgive you your trespasses.  Amen!

Love, Father Bob

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