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Gifts of the Spirit

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Dear Church Family,

The pastor is going to have a little different sermon on this Sunday on the Feast of Pentecost as I want to proclaim the power of God’s holy spirit working in each one of us as we continue our journey to closer and closer union with the Lord.  That’s our goal to be with the Lord in every way. We pray that God’s Holy Spirit will be upon us to help us.  So, I do try to make my sermon’s different because I want to do whatever I can to make sure that you get the point I’m trying to make in my sermons so that you can take it home with you and pray over it all week.  Like last week you were “to soar” like on a kid on a swing.  All of us are ‘soaring’ and living a life of love and closeness to God.

This Sunday I will be picking our various gifts of the Holy Spirit and celebrating them and giving them to some individuals so that they can reflect on them.    There are so many wonderful gifts of the spirit and the best one is Wisdom, the right ordering of things; knowing what is most important in your life.  Loving the Lord totally and then loving his people and good relationships.  Then outreach to the whole world.  Along with that we have the other gifts and the fruits of the Holy Spirit just flowing out.  They are Love, Patience, Gentleness and Joy.  So, I will proclaim this message by pulling the various gifts out and letting you claim them for what you want in your daily life.  That is what we do on Pentecost and what we do over and over again.  We pray that we will be more and more alive.  So, God bless you and I am so glad that I was able to give you that message.



Fr. Bob

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