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Get real, get real!


A Word from Fr. Bob


Dear Family of Saint Augustine,

You have heard the expression and have probably used it yourself in discussions with people, “Get real, get real!”  Maybe you can imagine as in the gospel today, Jesus appearing to His apostles and they are shocked and stunned.  He wants to bring them back to Earth so maybe He uses ordinary ways after appearing like a ghost.  He is trying to get them to see that He is real.  So, He says, “Get real, touch my hands, my feet and my side.  See, I have flesh and blood because a ghost doesn’t have that.”  As He showed them His hands and feet, then they finally “being in awe and incredulous for joy and were amazed”, but Jesus now has them aware of what He wants to share with them.  Also, after opening their minds to the scriptures, now He’s sending them forth and sending us forth to preach the Good News to everyone.  We stand as a witness that He is the way, the truth and the life.

We hear Saint John proclaim in the second reading, that Jesus is our Advocate.  “He is expiation” for our sins.  We know that the way to union with God forever is not only keeping His commandments but also being perfected day in and day out in Jesus, Himself.  Alleluia!

Love, Fr. Bob


P.S.  Church, the challenge for us today is “Get real, get real.”  Maybe with that letter that your received and all who help in the Outreach.  We sent a letter in need of help for our church, in a way we are saying, “Get real, get real” because we have so many things to do.  So be challenged in that.  Thank you.  A number of you have already responded but get the whole family and get some of the younger people in your family to be active members in our church.  What a blessing!


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