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A word from Fr. Bob

Again we, as a Church Family, enter into the Sacred Season of Lent together.  We proclaimed very strongly our dedication to making our faith more alive on Wednesday as we received the ashes.  We also burned up the palms used for ashes, and we put in our promises of what we would like to offer up, and burned that with the ashes.  So again, each is challenged to do something or avoid something big or small that will intensify our prayer life as we try to remember each day the promises we made.

You can’t go wrong with the Church telling us, “Lent is the time of fasting, almsgiving and prayer.”  Any time we give up something that is to be eaten, it is a great blessing. Maybe we can also fast from criticism, moodiness, judgement in our minds or any other way we aren’t positive towards our own family or our church family. Almsgivings is always accepted but especially meaningful when we give up something and then use that money as our alms. Certainly, Rice Bowl giving comes to mind and certainly prayer. Being still, sitting in your private special place in your home, hopefully around an altar with symbols of the crucifix, Blessed Mother Statue, your Bible, candles and anything that can remind you of the Sacred soulful side of ourselves.

Church family, I am privileged for the 25th time I do believe or maybe the 24th time to join you in this Lenten effort. May we pray for one another, take this season seriously, and maybe try to write down on a piece of paper the things you are promising to do or avoid in this next six weeks.  God really strengthens you all.  Praise God!


Love, Fr. Bob


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