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A word from Deacon Ed

Making rich soil in which the Word of God will take root is the most important function we have as children of God.  Of course, this reference comes from today’s Gospel in which Christ is relating the parable of “The Sower of Seed”.  What will be the condition of our mind, our heart, our soul when we receive the crucial Word of God that He has intended to fall on fertile soil?  As cotton and tobacco farmers in the South discovered, without planting alternate crops and plowing them under, the unenriched soil stops producing good crops.  So too our beings.  We are called to turn away from the sins of the world and the distractions of life which tear us away from Our Father and His Son.  We enrich ourselves, our very beings, by partaking in the Sacraments and living the virtues of Faith, Hope and Charity.  We can also enrich the souls of others by good example and prayer.  I must also say that when we practice these virtues it is a form of prayer.  We don’t live in a vacuum.  Our lives are open books to the world.  Through our lives we can make other people’s lives better or worse.  The more we repay anger with love and prayer, the more fertile our soul becomes.  Going to Confession, Mass and Communion is a great source of Grace and from that Grace comes the desire and action to practice the virtues of Faith, Hope and Charity.  The more we contribute to the goodness of the world; the more evil is defeated.  In pursuing goodness (Godliness) we make our own souls ready for God’s Holy Word and we enrich the lives of others.


Deacon Ed


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