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Father’s Day 2023

Pastor’s Pen
Sunday, June 18, 2023
11th Sunday in Ordinary Time
St. Augustine’s Catholic Church

Dear Church Family and especially All of the Fathers,

To all of you who continue to do fathering, which includes myself, I just want to send a positive blessing message to all of you to be fathers who affirm, encourage, guide, protect, provide, be with, and be proud to be in relationships with your children and with many others.  A blessing for you today, Amen!  Alleluia!!

I want to take this opportunity to reflect on my own relationship with my father and you will too.  You can also check yourself out and consider how to improve your fathering skills.  My dad, above everything else, was steady and always there.  In his senior years, I always called him, “Dad” or “Pop”, but I also called him, “Steady Eddie” because he was always there and always did things fast and complete.  Believe it or not, I didn’t cause him too much trouble (LOL). He was a strong force in our family, so we (my brother Jack and I) just didn’t do too many things that were wrong.  He did not have to discipline us too much because we knew what was right and what was wrong and what the consequences would be if we erred.  My mother would fuss at me more than he did.  He would just keep things in check if I really stretched the boundaries.  All turned out good and I thank the Lord for my father.  You can keep up that wonderful attitude in your home, too.  The home and children need structure, need to know what is expected, and how far to push the envelope.

So, as we celebrate Father’s Day, let us be mindful of the great joy that we receive from our Father’s Love.  Look to Saint Joseph as a role model and guide, for in all his doubts, tribulations, and trials, he too was always steadfast, faithful, and loving to the Blessed Virgin Mary and his Foster Son, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  Let us also be continually aware of our heavenly Father’s great love for us and His continual outpouring of love, mercy, and forgiveness to us.  Happy Father’s Day!!


Father Bob


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