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Faith is the realization of what is hoped for and evidence of things not seen

Pastor’s Pen
August 7, 2022
Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary Times
St. Augustine’s Catholic Church

Dear Parish Family,

St. Paul in his letter to the Hebrews says,” Faith is the realization of what is hoped for and evidence of things not seen.”  To simplify St. Paul, let us just say, Jesus I Trust in You.  Trust comes from Faith, and Faith is the basis of trust.  But Faith/Trust just like plants and relationships must be watered.

In the last week everything has been watered substantially by God.  But we must water our faith, ourselves.  In my life I have endured many challenges and physical tragedies.  Jesus has used those to train me to work with others in their own difficulties.  Many current prophets (people who receive prophetic words from Jesus and Mary), are relating to us about difficulties or chastisements that we will continue to encounter. Our news media does not cover problems being encountered throughout the world. We are not the only ones receiving overwhelming rains or floods. We must place all of our trust in Jesus.  That does not mean that we will encounter no problems.  What it does mean, is that Jesus will give us the strength and grace to carry us through.  Things that we have as part of our daily lives (Fr. Bob calls stuff) come and go. We have floods, car wrecks, physical ailments, financial problems and more. But when we persist in Faith, we realize that we live in a transitory world. Things come and go.  But what persists is our God.  If we maintain the Faith, He has given us then we can endure.  I will tell you unequivocally that He is always there for us. I am sure many of you have endured water issues this week. Be strong. Trust in God. Thank Him for all the gifts, and for all the challenges. I love you and pray for all of our family daily.

Deacon Ed

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