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Enter To Worship – Exit To Serve

Fr. Bob’s message is clear. We are not expected to change the world but to make a change in our little part of the world. With this, we each take direct responsibility for a manageable part of making our church community a better place. The ripple effect of this simple approach became evident when my Sister in Christ, Robin, witnessed the Joy of St. Augustine multiplied during our July 2017 Warm Meals. After completing a meal in our fellowship hall, I’ll call him “Steven”, asked if he could wrap up a couple of plates of food to eat later that evening. He tucked them carefully in his backpack alongside everything else he owned and began his journey.

After cleaning and preparing for the next day’s meals, Robin climbed in her car to head home. While driving, she recognizes Steven who had stopped to speak with an individual who had obviously been on the receiving end of the worst that homelessness offers. A stop sign slowed the pace of traffic just enough for Robin to witness our friend Steven reach in his tattered backpack and pull out one of his neat foil wrapped plates and hand it to the individual with the love of Jesus.

Thank you Robin for sharing your witness and thank you Steven for sharing the love and joy of St. Augustine in your little part of the world…blessings multiplied, rippling and overflowing. Prayers of continued protection – our God is with you!

Lynn Squires, Parishioner of The Joyous Family of St. Augustine


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