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Dear Church Family,


It is very important in my spiritual journey that I have the Bread of Life. I know that the Bread of Life is Jesus and I hear in the concluding words of the Gospel, “I am the bread of life; whoever comes to me will never hunger, and whoever believes in me will never thirst.” Church Family, in these lazy, hazy days of summer I invite you also to rest in the power of your spiritual intimacy with the Lord, resting on the sacred Words that Jesus comes to you in Holy Communion. We are around the Bread of Life so often and it is so important for us to continue this steady journey.

The other week I had the privilege of going to the hospital and praying with Gloria Chunn’s daughter, Regina. We prayed the very essential prayers of desiring to totally accept our Lord and Savior, the Bread of Life, as our Lord and Savior and Best friend and to know that who else can we ever go to in eternity but to Jesus. So that is a very important prayer in our daily spiritual journey, to accept Jesus totally as our Lord and Savior. In the next breath we will say we are sorry for any sins, faults or failings and that too is so important to, “Get right with our Lord.” Praying those prayers, then blessedly assured by the Sacrament of the Sacred Anointing, we feel confident that all is well for Regina. After hearing her confession, we celebrated the sharing of the Bread of Life. I was able to say last Wednesday, “All is well.”

Today Church Family, in this week try to enter into what St. Paul says in the 2nd reading, “Putting on a new self.” I do believe very strongly that Regina was able to do that and we are able to do that regularly. In fact one of our prayers that leads to that total commitment to the Lord first is the prayer that is so often prayed. “Lord, you woke me up this morning and started me on my way.” After we pray that we know we belong to the Lord and we offer our whole day to the Lord. Rest again in knowing that Jesus wants a personal relationship with each of us and that He shares with us the Bread of Life. That is one way and a very important way of coming closer to Him daily. Keep it up church! Alleluia!

Love, Fr. Bob

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