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Dear Risen Church Family,

I allowed myself to be engulfed with wonderful spiritual feelings of joy, victory and hope, even in the mist of all the trouble in our society and in our lives.  The other night I entered into the Passion of Christ by watching historically the struggle of African Americans in the Pre-Civil Rights Movements of the soldiers in Harlem and the first troops that went into World War I.  Then the Women’s Suffrage Movement and all the resistance which always comes with someone trying to get their rights.  So, Church Family, I feel there is victory always in our hearts because we are people of the Risen Lord.

As St. Paul’s letter to the Colossians says, “Seek what is above, where Christ is”.  Don’t just think about this earthly trouble, think about what is above. Then he goes on to say, “When Christ your life appears, then you too will appear with Him in glory.”  So be a person of victory, joy and hope this Easter Day.  Carry that spirit of Resurrection of joy these next 50 days of Eastertime.

Church, as you know, one of my favorite words is Alleluia!  It was hard for me not to say it during Lent when special moments came.  Such as a victory came during Lent, something I really appreciated or a kindness given and served.  Feel blessings for the next 50 days.  Just look around you from the beauty of nature, tulips now blooming so beautiful, trees in bloom and green is around finally.  Just look around and see little signs of resurrected joy, peace by seeing your loved ones be your loved ones and maybe now and then saying something delightfully kind as you respond in another special delightful way.  So many signs of resurrected joy.  Claim them as you are personally involved in growing spiritually and accepting the victory, as you are starting with the Lord.  Alleluia!


Fr. Bob


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