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Easter 2022

Easter 2022

Today is a day of great joy! We celebrate the Resurrection, the coming back to life of Jesus. We don’t concentrate on the apostles and Jesus’ disciples, but we know how much they loved Him and how broken they were after His crucifixion and death. Not only was their friend killed, but He was also their Messiah. And now Mary comes with an even worse message that His body has been stolen. Peter and John along with Mary race to the tomb. They find the winding sheets rolled up and realize that He has risen. John, in today’s scripture, says that they saw and believed. We can’t begin to understand how they felt, but they had to feel elated, excited and confused. And then Jesus came to them and showed Himself. They were now given understanding and faith.

The Greatness and Magnificence of God the Father, Jesus His Son and the Holy Spirit comes to us as it came to them through Jesus. They witnessed His Passion, Death, and now His Resurrection. We, as they, have been given a tremendous gift, the gift of faith. Not only are we given faith, but also, we have the scriptures. The Word supports our faith. Peter and the apostles testify not only to the existence of Jesus, but to His divinity and His role as the Messiah, the Christ sent from God the Father.

We are called as the disciples and apostles of the current time. If we believe, we must use the faith we have been given to spread the Word of God. And if for some reason we can’t be proclaimers then we must be prayers. God sent us His Son to redeem us and restore for us the possibility of entry into Heaven. And yet we see so many constantly turning away from the commandments and in doing so turning away from their possibility to live with God. It is not good enough for us to live following the commandments, we must encourage others and pray for their conversion.

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