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Don’t try to show off…

Pastor’s Pen
February 26, 2023
First Sunday of Lent
St. Augustine Catholic Church


Dear Church Family,

We are finding out last Wednesday when we started Lent that we are ambassadors.  That’s a fancy term for one who brings good messages and information about what is going on in a country or organization in very diplomatic, caring way. We are ambassadors for Christ with integrity as the gospel said, don’t try to show off– just do good deeds of fasting, alms giving, and prayer.

We took our little pieces of papers, wrote on them, and burned them up. This symbol was a way of showing just how much we realize how blessed we are and how we want to try to do even better in loving the Lord. So, fill your life with some Lenten practices.

Today, in the Gospel we hear about temptation. We are all tempted with things that are not in our best interests but temptations are there.  Sometimes temptations flow from deep emotions, like angry, lustful, evil, resentful thoughts and/or actions.  So, we try to avoid temptation but sometimes it’s hard to let them go.  But we just have to let them go.  So, you just have to try to avoid temptations and the near occasions of temptations.  We need to be chaste and live a holy life as one who doesn’t watch any pornography or doing anything that is not of God. So, try to fill your days with Lenten practices so we can have a holy Lent.

Love, Father Bob

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