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Pastor’s Pen
St. Augustine Catholic Church
Sunday, February 14, 2021
Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Dear Church Family,

Today’s Gospel has the leper coming to Jesus and Jesus is filled with compassion. I emphasize that word, compassion, because our God is so merciful and so loving. Here I am, after spending a little time with family, friends, and priest buddies and it is just so good that I am here and ready to celebrate these long, hazardous, crazy, ugly, terrible days of winter with you. I would much rather have the “hazy, crazy days of summer”, but any way, we’re doing all this together, whatever. I wish I could have brought back some of that fun and sunshine that I had, but then I thought about it. All of you and all the people, I am so privileged to minister with, to and around, are my real sunshine and fun. Everybody is God’s wonderful light and life to me. You light up my life! The best way for you to light up your life, my life, and those around you is through love and to love. We love one another so that we can be empowered to love others.

Today is Valentine’s Day which is about love.  We traditionally, through the centuries, try to gather together and start making smart efforts in various practices of fasting, prayer, and almsgiving and every other Lenten practice we are open to. Maybe you can be a little extra light and joy to some other people. So, celebrate that as you hear the Lord say, “He loves us and has compassion on us. He is ready to help us.” Amen and Alleluia!

Again thanks, thanks, thanks to everyone who has come to help us celebrate the sharing of Christmas blessings with probably more than 3,000 families, if we count all the people we helped here at St. Augustine, the Wellston Center, and Father Bob’s Outreach. Be a light and guiding hand to these people and let them be invited into your spiritual life by bringing them to church, especially those who don’t have a church home. Say, “I have found something really worthwhile, so let’s do it.” Maybe the people who got gift cards would be wonderful people to invite and celebrate in thanksgiving for all those who shared their time, talent, and treasures. Alleluia!

Father Bob


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