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Closer to God

A word from Deacon Ed


Our scriptures for today and the next 2 1/2 weeks recount Jesus’ Authority and the beginning of His public ministry.  In today’s Gospel He comes to Capernaum and teaches in the temple and even drives out an unclean spirit in a man in the temple.  We are being prepared for the fullness of His manifestation.  He is the Son of God and the Son of Man.  He is a prophet sent to us from the Father to LEAD us.

God had previously shown His strength through great signs.  When the Israelites fled Egypt, God led them during the day with a mighty cloud like a column, and at night with a fiery column to light their way.  He allowed Moses to part the Red Sea and dry the seabed with mighty winds so they could cross and escape the Egyptians who were pursuing them.  He then allowed Moses to return the parted waters and all of the Egyptian charioteers and their horses were drowned.  So, in our Old Testament reading Moses says to the Israelites, “You have asked that God not be so overpowering in His demonstrations.  Now He will send you a prophet of your own kin.”

We, in Jesus, are shown the mercy and love of God.  He hears and casts out.  He teaches and feeds.  He is forgiving and leads.  He is the true shepherd of the flock.  Once again God fulfills His promises.  He is incredibly long suffering.  Just think of the parable of the Prodigal Son.  Jesus shows us in this parable how kind and loving the Father is and how He always longs for our return.  He has been greatly offended by the boy and yet when the boy returns seeking forgiveness, he is welcomed with great joy.  Now it is time for us to fulfill our promises.  Let us take stock of ourselves.  What can we change to bring us closer to God?  Can we forgive as we are forgiven?  Can we love as we are loved?


Deacon Ed

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