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Pastor’s Pen
St. Augustine Catholic Church
Sunday, May 28, 2023
Pentecost Sunday

Dear Church Family,

Here we are at last at the very challenging beginning of the Church of St. Louis. We are one of the 170+ church families in the archdiocese. With the shortage of priests and being burdened with a large number of old buildings, we are called to “downsize and streamline”, while all the more becoming more vibrant in initiating this new church reorganization.

With the writing of this Pastor’s Pen on Thursday, I like you will be totally surprised today with what will transpire for us.  But we are a people filled with the Holy Spirit and my prayer for each of you is that you will embrace the proclamation and join the new church by continuing to attend mass every Sunday and keeping a patient attitude during this very challenging time.  But since you are filled with the Holy Spirit which I know you claim, please give prayerful consideration to joining the new church along with the new pastor, and members and with lots of patience fitting everything together.  Our participation along with the new parishes is essential to the success of this endeavor.

So, you can see that in this new challenge with the new pastor, there is no place for me to go but to retire to the priest’s home, Regina Cleri.  But since I am in love with all the people and especially you, I will certainly be around on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday as I will continue to reach out and invite others into this project and the other projects that will come with ‘all things new’. Amen. Alleluia


Fr. Bob

P.S. Come Holy Spirit fill us, your spirit-filled people all the more with the gift of moving forward positively and being a part of this new church.    Again Amen! Alleluia!!Pastor’s Pen – Sunday, May 28, 2023 will come with ‘all things new’. Amen. Alleluia


Fr. Bob

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