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…we build up the Kingdom of God.

Pastor’s Pen St. Augustine Catholic Church Sunday, January 16, 2022 Second Sunday in Ordinary Time   Dear Church Family, Well, Church, last week we gathered and celebrated the Baptism of the Lord and remembered our own baptism and our own entry into Christian life.  Being washed with water signifies the removal of sin.  Christ’s rising […]

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We know “God is Good!

Pastor’s Pen for Sunday December 26, 2021   Dear Church Family of God, We know “God is Good! . . . .” And to prove it, your pastor, in your name “Saint Augustine”, with the generous help of many, many benefactors, was able to minister to over 2,500 people with a ‘Christmas’ gift for either […]

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A voice of one crying out in the desert`

Pastor’s Pen St. Augustine Catholic Church Sunday, December 5, 2021 Second Sunday of Advent Dear Church Family, By the time that you read this message from your pastor, we will probably already have had our Anointing of the Sick service and given all those present that sacred sacrament with the oil on their foreheads, so […]

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Pastor’s Pen St. Augustine Catholic Church Sunday, November 14, 2021 Thirty-third Sunday in Ordinary Times Brothers and Sisters in Christ, With the passing of the years, the Church, as our Mother, informs us about what is yet to come in our existential life.  We are to believe strongly that our God lives forever, but we, […]

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