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 Pastor’s Pen A WORD FROM FR. BOB   My wonderful church family, which I dearly love, and I have told you all that, There is nobody I would rather journey to the kingdom with other than with you, these last 26 years.  So, your pastor, your spiritual leader, must go on retreat every year, usually […]

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God loves a cheerful giver

               Pastor’s Pen                  A Word from Fr. Chris   This poor widow put in more than all the others (Mark 12:43) Brothers and Sisters, having listened to the First Reading and the Gospel of this Mass we see a similarity in the two speaking of widows who were exemplary […]

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…I will be a father to you

 Pastor’s Pen     A WORD FROM FR. BOB   Dear Church Family,   Bartimaeus?  Now who is that?  The character in this scripture that’s described only in the gospel of Mark as his name is Bartimaeus/Bartimaea.  Who is that?  He is a very humble person who goes before his or her God with imperfections, maybe even […]

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He is Lord

Pastor’s Pen     A WORD FROM FR. BOB   Dear Church Family,   I have a little practice that you may have already done or maybe you would like to do as you prepare for the Sacred Word each and every Sunday.  Of course, I could ask you, “Do you ever prepare the Sacred Word by […]

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Walk the walk

             Pastor’s Pen      A Word from Fr. Bob Dear Church Family, Building on the image I gave you last week from St. Bernard in the 12th century, I challenge you, like he suggested, to be a reservoir filled with God’s love.  Then you will always have an overflowing to give […]

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