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God is so good all the time!

               Pastor’s Pen                  FOURTH SUNDAY OF LENT A Word from Fr. Bob Dear Church Family, As you can see Fr. Bob is wearing rose or pink-colored vestments to symbolize Laetare Sunday which means rejoice.  We are rejoicing today and proclaiming one of my favorite passages of scriptures.  You have […]

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He himself understood it well

A Word from Fr. Bob   Dear Church Family, I was struck by the last sentence of the Gospel which says, “He himself understood it (human nature) well.”  We see Jesus challenging all of us to have right attitudes toward putting the Lord first and His worship pure without a bunch of money matter things […]

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Faith and Sacrifice

Deacon’s Corner   Our readings for today are about Faith and sacrifice.  God in His great love for us, has given us faith.  Faith for me is more important than any other gift.  Without true Faith and following with the strength of belief we are left to wallow in the diversions of this world. Let […]

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Dear Church Family, All week long I’ve been praying for healing especially, for all those whom we anointed.  It was such a sign of hope and courage, especially for my friend Fr. Bob Bousaubin, who was associate pastor at St. Rose and then pastor at St. Engelbert’s He was so very much around our North […]

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In our Gospel today, Christ heals the man born blind.  Jesus tells His disciples that this man’s disability is not because of his or his parent’s sinfulness but rather to be able to show the goodness of God in Jesus’ healing of him. Oh, how we are always ready to accuse or blame or find […]

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Dear Church Family, You who are journeying with me in a special way during this Lenten Season I want you to know I really enjoyed the Gospel today.  As we journey into this third week of Lent, in my reflection I have an interpretation that might be the right interpretation or just one of many […]

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A word from Deacon Ed    Father Bob’s homily this past Sunday centered on the word “longing”.  Of course, the “longing”, refers to our longing to be one with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  Our ultimate goal of being in Heaven is based on our achieving that longing.  But the unstated and most incredible […]

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