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Easter 2019

Pastor’s Pen EASTER 2019 A word from—Father Bob   Dear Risen Spirited Family of God, The Lord has Risen and we have the victory of victories! The victory of Jesus dying and rising for us so that when we die, we rise eternally, forever to be with the Lord. also our spirit will continue in […]

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God’s love is revealed

Dear St. Augustine Church Family, On this sixth Sunday of Easter, we are reminded of our Heavenly Father’s steadfast love for us, His beloved sons and daughters in Christ Jesus. Here God’s love is revealed in the lives of every human being created in His divine image and likeness, irrespective of the race, culture, educational […]

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Get real, get real!

THIRD SUNDAY OF EASTER A Word from Fr. Bob   Dear Family of Saint Augustine, You have heard the expression and have probably used it yourself in discussions with people, “Get real, get real!”  Maybe you can imagine as in the gospel today, Jesus appearing to His apostles and they are shocked and stunned.  He […]

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Easter 2018

EASTER SUNDAY A Word from Fr. Bob Dear Wonderful Alleluia Family,   One of our alleluia church family members, Kenny Hearndon, our former maintenance engineer says, “After I get out of church, I keep on churching”.  That means there is an afterglow to what happens at church.  Maybe it’s much more than an afterglow because […]

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Dear Church Family, Welcome to this glorious Feast of Victory, this feast of the Ascension of the Lord into heaven.  As He goes, He commissions us to go into the world to proclaim the Good News and baptize people in the name of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit and be blessedly assured that […]

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Dear Church Family, I’ve been resting in the Sacred Word this week and certainly it’s more than Good News.  Alleluia!  Let’s take it to heart what the Lord is promising you and me and it will allow us all the more to be fortified in union with Him.  So that we may go out and […]

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Dear Church Family,   Last Wednesday, I was sitting in my prayer chair at my little Altar that I have with the Blessed Mother Statue, the Crucifix, the Bible and lots of other little symbols and a candle to especially remind me of the presence of the Good Shepherd.  Today, I am resting in the […]

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Dear Church Family, Let’s do something different this week in our private spiritual prayer time.  Just rest in a couple of words from the Gospel and see what reflections they give you.  The first words are “our hearts burning” we all know as teenagers and even pre-teens that we have some favorite person in our […]

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Dear Risen Church Family, I allowed myself to be engulfed with wonderful spiritual feelings of joy, victory and hope, even in the mist of all the trouble in our society and in our lives.  The other night I entered into the Passion of Christ by watching historically the struggle of African Americans in the Pre-Civil […]

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