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By your perseverance you will secure your lives

Pastor’s Pen
November 13, 2022
Thirty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time
St. Augustine Catholic Church


My Dear Church Family,

I am writing this after our recent mid-term elections. We might say, “It is, what it is!” but we have hopes and aspirations that this will be a peaceful exchange of power in some cases and nothing like the radical, undemocratic actions we have witnessed in the recent past. We want and need a government that is good, strong, and honest so that things will continue to be good and improve for us and the whole country, and most certainly, the world. We must always pray for our country and anyone moving into new leadership positions as well as those in place, that they will make decisions that as the Constitution states, “promote the general welfare.”  A reflection on past events and political pronouncements suggests that there is still some kind of trouble in our society and in our country. That is why we must pray for healing and the ability to move on as a country united under one God.

The Lord says in the Sacred Word (Luke 21:5-19), “By your perseverance you will secure your lives.”  We have that hopefulness always that we will persevere as we go through whatever we have to, and we will make it. For example, we are preparing to enter some unknown territory with our Archdiocesan initiative, “All Things New.”  We have to be hopeful that this will make us a better, stronger, more open Church, although everything may not be exactly like we want it. We pray, pray, pray, pray, cooperate, and contribute our time, talent, and treasure to this effort. The Word of God says to begin with that even though there are struggles and problems. It assures us that we will persevere, and it will be a better community, society, Church, country, and world, no matter what. Amen!

Finally, Church, I like to rest in the Sacred Words from the prophet Malachi (3:19-20a), when he says, “There will arise the sun of Justice with its healing rays.”  As I rest in that word, I do claim Jesus as the Son of Justice, always sending out healing rays to help, heal, and guide us in our spiritual, psychological, emotional, and relationship challenges. Amen! Alleluia!!


Father Bob


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