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All things are possible with God

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Dear Church Family,

What must we do to share in everlasting life?  This question is in the hearts and minds of all who believe.  We want to be assured of everlasting life.  We want a check list so that we can prove our worthiness.  In the scriptures today, we are given the requirements and you may be surprised to know what it really takes.

In the gospel today, this question is asked of Jesus.  Jesus tells the young man that the first thing is to obey the commandments, but He goes further to tell the man to also sell everything he owns, give to the poor and come to follow Him.  It seems like some tough things to do.  Does Jesus really want us to sell everything and give it away?  If He does, then we would wind up being the poor (that makes little sense).  I believe Jesus’ answer is better explained in the latter part of the gospel today.  As Jesus talks to His disciples, He tells them that it is hard for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.  In other words, one who is burdened with the treasures of the world will find it difficult to follow Jesus.  Jesus asks us to detach ourselves from burdensome worldly possessions, so that we can seek the greater gifts.

These greater gifts we hear about from the Wisdom author today.  When we receive prudence and wisdom, these gifts are counted as greater than any treasure of silver or gold.  Prudence and wisdom develop the inner self, whereas money, property and wealth only develop the self-worth in the sight of man.  To share in everlasting life, we are called to develop the inner self.  In doing this, we will come to understand what Jesus tells his disciples, “For man it is impossible but not for God.  All things are possible with God.”  Salvation is God’s gift.  It is impossible to earn it but through the gifts of prudence and wisdom that come from living the word of God, salvation can be ours because of God’s love for us.  Alleluia!

P.S. I am out this week with my priest brothers learning to be a better pastor.  When I get back check me on that, but not too hard!


Love, Fr. Bob


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