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Our Old Testament reading from the book of Job is all about Job bemoaning his life.  The last line of this scripture sys, “I shall not see happiness again.”  He is in despair.  Many of us can relate to this.  We are often upset about finances, work, family or spouses.  We must keep in mind, “This too shall pass”.  And we learn as we age the majority of our overwhelming problems do change and pass.  But what about God?



Am I watching TV or playing solitaire or doing something else just as meaningless?  This doesn’t mean we aren’t entitled to free time.  Of course we are and we need it.  But if we were followed around by an angel keeping track of our time we would be embarrassed by how little of each day we give to God.
I will never forget being on a parish retreat at the White House.  The retreat master was not giving his best or at least, it seemed to me.  I quietly entreated the Lord, “Why am I here”?  As soon as those words entered my mind, I received, “Why does it always have to be about you”?



But God knows how we are.  Think about how much our godly relationship is like that of us and our children.  We love them overwhelmingly and often we are the last things on their mind.
So let us look at our own relationship with God who loves us beyond all measure.  Often we seem to relate to God through a closed door.  We pray, but we can’t feel anything.  We keep the door closed because we are afraid of what it might cost us.  Time, money, commitment are things that we, the selfish, don’t want to let go.  But when we open the door to our hearts, we can begin to feel an incoming breeze.  A breath of fresh air overwhelms us.  Our God is a Loving God.  He is always there with us.  He is there in the best of times and in the worst of times.  He helps us when we don’t even see the potholes, but He carries us over them.  He lets us feel some pain and suffering, because without it, we would feel we don’t need Him.

This life is a preparation for life everlasting.  He wants to know if we will be loving, obedient children who love Him in return for His love, or are we only waiting for the next good thing to come along.

LET US PRAY……….much more often.  He’s waiting to hear from us, as much as we are waiting to hear from Him.


Deacon Ed


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